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Why Shouldn't I Use DIY Forms Online to Create My Estate Plan?

Many of us use the Internet to take care of a number of necessary tasks, including paying our bills, purchasing clothes, and even having groceries or food sent directly to our doorstep. It seems that everything is available to us at the click of a mouse. However, when it comes to more complicated tasks, such as estate planning, turning to the Internet for assistance is not usually a wise idea. You might be getting it done at a lower initial cost, but it will ultimately cost you more in the long run.

Here are some reasons why you should avoid using DIY forms online to create your estate plan:

  • DIY forms are not customized: The forms you find online are inherently generic since they are not tailored to any one specific person's needs. Unfortunately, this means they typically do not work for most people since the reality is that no two estates are exactly alike. Your beneficiaries might not all have the same needs and you could end up skipping out on some significant asset protection benefits available to them that you will not even be aware of. Everyone has unique needs and, as such, your estate plan should also be unique.
  • Laws are constantly changing: Most people are not lawyers, which means it is probably not easy to stay on top of every change the legal system goes through. Even if you do happen to find a form that appears to fit you, it might not comply with your state laws. To ensure your document is valid upon your death, the fact is that you need the assistance of an estate planning attorney.
  • Laws vary from state to state: Just as laws are constantly changing, they are also not all identical across the board in every state. When it comes to trusts, probate, and taxes, they can vary greatly, making it difficult to find an online form that properly covers the laws of your state.
  • You are getting what you pay for: Is it cheaper? Yes, but cheaper does not always get you what you want. With a DIY form, you are likely just going to get stuck with a document that does not actually accomplish your objectives.

Long Island Estate Planning Attorney

It is important to consider the future of your assets and estate, especially as you grow older. Without proper planning, everything you worked so hard to achieve in your life could end up being scattered by the court while your loved ones are left to struggle. At the Law Office of Michael J. Brescia, P.C., we can help you prepare a plan that safeguards the future.

Contact our office today at (631) 386-8767 to schedule a free confidential case evaluation with our Long Island estate planning attorney.

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